Pleased to meet you. 

I've been a visual artist most of my life. There was a brief stint where I lost my mind, went to law school, and thought I'd spend my life at a desk... but thankfully, that passed.

This life in the arts did not happen completely by accident. I attended a performing arts high school where, in addition to journalism, I studied film and television production. I then went on to attend film school at the University of Miami, and completed my studies in Television Production at FAU. To supplement my love of moving pictures, I took classes that let me explore more of the art world. I've studied figure and landscape drawing, painting, art history, and ceramic sculpture. I discovered the joy of still photography in my first year at University of Miami, and have been making pictures ever since. In early 2006 I made the transition from film to digital and decided to devote my professional life to photography. 



I've been a lot of places... I shoot all over the country, and love to travel for work, and pleasure. I tend to shoot even when I'm not working. I call it feeding the soul. Home bases are Arizona and Florida. I love the mountains and the heat, but a little ocean goes a long way too. I love my dog, have a penchant for whiskey, and I laugh a lot. Do these things make me a better photographer? Meh- probably not. But they sure are a lot of fun, and tend to take me on adventures that I inevitably end up telling stories about. At the end of the day, I love a good story.

Photography is my passion. Creating images to share with others is my way of opening my soul to the world. There is beauty in everything- even things that may at first glance appear ordinary or common. Photography is about more than pictures, it's about recording history and taking note of the details. It's full of passion and turmoil, joy and sorrow. For me, photography is life.